What is America Mentors?

America Mentors is a mentoring solution and growing 501c3 aimed at helping first-generation, low-income college students persist to college graduation. America Mentors exists to help increase the graduation rate amongst underserved college students, expanding their future employability skills and closing the opportunity gap through mentorship.

The Program Is Free

America Mentors is offered at no cost to colleges, universities and community organizations. America Mentors works with partners to build and scale high-impact mentoring programs that support first-generation, low-income college students.

Mentoring = Results

The America Mentors program uses a proven curriculum that enables guided interactions between mentoring pairs, fostering strong relationships through timely and relevant conversations. Mentoring increases engagement and helps students persist to graduation.

Powered by MentorcliQ

MentorcliQ provides the software that makes our mission possible. Our mentoring platform makes it easy to launch, match, mentor and measure.


Engage students and alumni or other local professionals in your mentoring program. Each program is customized to optimize retention and can be aligned with alumni outreach and development strategies.


Healthy relationships are key to a successful mentoring program. America Mentors facilitates the matching of mentoring pairs — without using a single Excel spreadsheet!


America Mentors uses a proven curriculum that enables guided interactions between mentor pairs, fostering strong relationships through timely and relevant conversations. Mentors commit to 1-2 hours a month.


There’s an old saying: “What gets measured, gets done.” America Mentors incorporates assessment tools to help its education partners measure their program’s impact and enable continuous improvement.


Testimonials from America Mentors and MentorcliQ users.

“Our experience has been outstanding. We have been able to enroll mentors and mentees with ease. We have received great feedback from participants.”

– Marion M., I Know I Can

“It’s been really nice to work with people who genuinely care about helping us find success in our program. We see an incredible value in the program because we have received so much helpful analytical information.”

– Ashley K., University of Dayton

“It only took a few minutes to enroll in the mentoring program. I received an email with my mentor’s contact info and we were off and running. Now I get a monthly survey to track my mentoring activity, which I fill out on my phone. ” – David C., EduSourced

Powered by MentorcliQ

Ditch those spreadsheets! MentorcliQ powers this cause and provides a mentoring software system for recruiting, enrolling, matching, managing, and measuring mentoring participants, saving America Mentors’ partners time and resources.


How To Get Started 

America Mentors is free to colleges, universities and community organizations that currently provide or want to provide mentoring programs for first-generation, low-income college students. To see if your institution or organization qualifies, contact [email protected].

Request Info

Drop us a line to inquire about the America Mentors program or apply for a program at your college, university or community organization.